Come prepared

If you are coming to spend some time with us at our rainforest retreat we would like to suggest that you bring many or all of the following items in order to make your stay with us more comfortable and enjoyable.

Obviously it is a very hot and humid environment so try to keep clothes as light as possible.



  • Light rain jacket/poncho (it rains quite a bit)
  • At least 2 pairs or shorts and several light shirts/T-shirts
  • At least one pair of lightweight trousers and a light, long sleeved shirt (for walks)
  • Swimwear (there is a lake for swimming, bring your own water wings if required)
  • Sandals/Flip Flops
  • Some form of head protection, i.e. sunhat, baseball cap, etc. (we are just 200km from the equator
  • Lightweight walking boots/sports shoes ( and of course socks)
  • Wellington boots are a good idea but not essential (can be bought cheaply in Iquitos and we also have a large selection out at the center)



  • Torch (Petzl headtorches are excellent and an extra set of batteries is a good idea)
  • Natural mosquito repellent (the Dreamglade grounds have very few mosquitos compared to other centres but we still do get some, especially in the wet season, so please bring some kind of after-bite cream if you tend to react strongly to their bites)
  • Water bottle (for ceremonies and walks – you can fill it with purified water in the kitchen and the Maloka)
  • A couple of gas lighters (and possibly some incense or some ‘palo santo’ )
  • Large bag/backpack for the bulk of your belongings, a smaller, lighter one for walks.
  • Compass (in case you get lost !!)
  • Natural  toiletry products wherever possible (you will be cleaning yourself out on many levels and it is preferable not to use any toxic/chemical products during this process, which includes most brands of toothpaste and deodorants)
  • Sunglasses
  • Some form of journal or diary to record your experiences is a very good idea.
  • Personal entertainment devices are ok (such as iPods, mp3 players but preferably just to listen to some relaxing music on occasion, NOT to watch movies, TV programmes etc.)
  • Musical instrument – There will be times during your stay when you can freely express yourself musically
  • Any form of creative material is excellent such as pencils, sketch pad, paints, etc…. (you will possibly feel quite inspired !!)
  • One or two ‘spiritual’ type books are ok as well as they can definitely help you understand the process you are going through but preferably not  books such as ‘trashy novels’ or ‘spy thrillers’ as they will probably just be a distraction* (you will be doing some real, deep work on yourself)
  • A camera if you have one is also great to bring with you
  • A small padlock (there are safe boxes for your valuables in each tambo)



Malaria – Unfortunately there is malaria in the surrounding jungle areas but we have taken measures to ensure that there are very few mosquitoes in an acre-wide area of DreamGlade and all of the buildings are screened in to protect you from the jungle insects. The chances of contracting malaria during your stay are pretty minimal especially as the disease-carrying ones bite predominantly during the night and you definitely will not  be going for jungle walks after the sun has gone down. If you choose to take some form of prophylactic malaria treatment, that is, of course, YOUR choice but we recommend against it as it could interfere with your work with the medicinal plants (in our experience the anti-malarial drugs often induce worse symptoms than the disease itself).

For the record, after 5 years and 1500 guests coming through the center we have had not one case of malaria to date*

Vaccinations – Although you will undoubtedly be advised to take several vaccinations before visiting the Amazonian region you will probably be better off not taking any of them. There has not been a single case of ‘Yellow fever’ in the Iquitos region for over 15 years and you are not obliged to be vaccinated against it before visiting the area (despite what most Western doctors will tell you).

Hepatitis A and Typhoid are a very small risk but only from contaminated water supplies in urban areas. (12 years in Peru and I have never seen anyone get sick with either of these).

Diarrhoea – Contracting some kind of stomach bug is not uncommon for people visiting Peru, especially if you are coming from more ‘sanitised’ Western countries. Usually it will pass within a few days and the most important thing is to drink plenty of fluids and get some rest until it passes. Anti-Diarrhoea drugs are not really recommended as they can interfere with the body’s natural healing response but, of course, are sometimes necessary whilst traveling for long periods.

Prescription Drugs/Medical ConditionsFull but confidential disclosure on your part regarding any health issues and/or mental health issues you may have or any prescription/recreational drugs that you are using is extremely important and required before your arrival.

This is to ensure that you don’t experience any adverse reactions to Ayahuasca or any other medicinal plants you may be required to work with. Please send us an email beforehand so we can assess your personal requirements (anti-depressants and cocaine for example can be extremely dangerous in conjunction with Ayahuasca).

If you fail to honestly inform us of any medical conditions/drug use OF ANY KIND before visiting DreamGlade on your head be it – WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADVERSE REACTIONS THAT YOU MAY EXPERIENCE!

Please also be informed that if you arrive with the flu or any other contagious disease (such as the measles or chicken pox for example) you will not be permitted to enter the center until we are sure there is no longer a risk of you infecting the Dreamglade staff or other guests.