Retreat Services

Come to DreamGlade Ayahuasca Retreat for as long as like, whether just a week or for a month or two….

We charge an ‘all inclusive’ and very reasonable daily rate (approx between 115 to 135 USD per day ) for your stay* 

– please send us an email for exact costs –

Includes –SAM_1373

  • Free, comfortable 4×4 transportation to and from the healing centre
  • Three Ayahuasca ceremonies per week (Mon, Wed & Fri )
  • Flower/plant baths
  • ‘Sananga’ eye drops for balancing and healing
  • Individual healing sessions with our shamanic healers
  • Natural Sauna/Sweatlodge (2 -3 times per week)
  • All meals
  • Comfortable accommodation and rest areas
  • Modern bathrooms and showers
  • Free Yoga classes (2 – 3 times a week)
  • Spanish/English translations
  • Free laundry service
  • Lake for swimming and jungle walks
  • Extensive library on-site
  • Complimentary ‘Mapachos’ (natural jungle tobacco)
  • Counseling to help you better understand the process you are going through
  • Traditional ‘plant dietas’ under the supervision of our resident Shipibo Curanderos and also traditional ‘Kambo’ (frog poison) treatments  (there is a small additional charge for both of these*)

If you are interested in visiting our healing centre, please send us an email

via the contact page or get in touch with us via our facebook page.