Shipibo ‘Maestra’ Isabel Pinedo Rengifo

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Blog

SAM_1398I had heard a lot about Isabel. By all accounts she was a very talented healer and an amazing ‘Ayahuaquera’ and i was very excited when she finally agreed to come and visit Dreamglade with the possibility of us working together…

Fortunately, she quickly and completely fell in love with the Dreamglade site (it’s hard not to) and readily agreed to help us out with the Ayahuasca ceremonies, the healing work and the dietas.

On one of our first ceremonies together, I had four lovely ‘first timers’, an English lady, a young man from Australia and a nice couple from Sweden.

It evolved into a really beautiful night and all of the participants felt loved, felt completely safe and did some real, deep healing work on themselves. Towards the end of the ceremony I led them all outside onto the swim deck to check out the beautiful starry night and a crescent moon reflected on the lake. It really is a very special place.

The next morning, after a light breakfast, we all sat down in the center of the Moloka and had a short talk about our experiences and Isabel also shared what had come up for her regarding each person in turn. I have been consistently blown away by her observations regarding the participants of our ceremonies together. As an example, when questioned about Adam from Sweden she explained that, during the ceremony, she had seen somebody in his past, just a few years previously, who had attacked him using some form of black magic and that it was still causing him lots of problems. With a little trepidation, I translated what she had said and but he immediately knew exactly who it was and when it had happened, about 7 years earlier whilst visiting Africa…

A couple of ceremonies later, she saw a very tall and apparently very unwell spirit walk into the Moloka. She watched as he checked out all the of the people in their different sections and then went and sat down next a Dutch lady that was having a slightly difficult night. Once more I felt a slight tinge of trepidation whilst translating to her what Isabel had seen but she immediately knew exactly who it was !! She went on to explain how she had worked in a hospital in Holland many years before and had had a very traumatic experience comforting a patient who was seriously ill and was soon to die. He was very tall and apparently his face was all puffed up in his final days, something Isabel had seen quite clearly, and she was still carrying around an awful lot of guilt as she felt she could have comforted him more before he passed away.

As our work together progresses I am feeling much less ‘trepidation’ from translating her observations because, as outlandish as they sometimes appear, she has consistently been ‘spot on’ regarding the health issues of our guests and their own particular histories and circumstances.

To finish each ceremony, each participant receives an individual healing ‘limpieza’ (energetic clearing) from her and so far everyone has been very pleasantly surprised, many actually feeling positive differences in their bodies and even their energy fields as she sings her beautiful ‘Icaros’ and blows tobacco smoke around them.

I really look forward to continuing our work together and hope that our partnership will continue to grow and evolve long into the future.