Coordinator/Facilitator – Drew

Drew Whelpley

Drew grew up in Round Rock, Texas not far from Austin. After some misspent years at university, he bummed around Austin as an actor and a bartender. He never really had an interest in politics but nonetheless knew early on that what the grown-ups were telling him and what they were being told wasn’t the truth. He was also being called to a higher service to mankind but wasn’t quite sure yet what that was…

This led him to look for answers in other places – alternative healing, meditation, and alternative news sources. It was on one of those sites that he came across a lecture by Graham Hancock who is a leading proponent of Ayahuasca and Amazonian Shamanism.

That in turn ledGOPR0591 him and a friend to the mountains of Huaraz, Peru in March of 2013 for his first experience with Ayahuasca. Upon leaving, he heard the call of the sacred plants every day to come back and go a little deeper.

In June 2014, he quit his job, said goodbye to his family and friends and traveled back to Peru to see how far the medicine would take him. He soon found out that the retreat that he had booked into had been cancelled but he remained undaunted. He was convinced that something would come up. He was recommended by friends to contact Stacy at Dreamglade, which led him to the most exciting, fulfilling experience of his life….

We feel blessed to have Drew on the team at Dreamglade.

He has demonstrated a indomitable willingness to learn, a dedication to helping others and a loving, compassionate nature that makes everybody feel immediately at home.

We sincerely hope that he will continue to work with us far into the future.