Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru: A Shamanic Healing Centre in the Amazon Basin with Ayahuasca, shamans, plant diets and other traditional healing methods

Ayahuasca Retreats in Iquitos, Peru

The use and study of Ayahuasca and the traditional shamanic healing methods of the Amazon basin is growing at an incredible rate, perhaps because of the growing sense of dissatisfaction that is prevalent in Western societies, and Iquitos in Peru is the destination of choice for thousands of these ‘spiritual’ seekers every year.

Dreamglade Shamanic Healing Centre and Ayahuasca Retreat near Iquitos is the brainchild of Stacy Stephen Povey. He has spent the last 12 years living and working in Peru, working extensively with Ayahuasca and many of the local shamanic traditions and medicinal plants, and was also the founder of ‘Karma Café, the meeting place in Iquitos for travellers that come to the rainforests of northern Peru to take part in Ayahuasca ceremonies and traditional healing work in any of the numerous retreat centres in the Iquitos area.

Dreamglade’s Mission

  • To help our guests do serious and sincere work on themselves.
  • To provide safe, supportive Ayahuasca ceremonies, using experienced native ‘Curanderos‘ (shamanic healers).
  • To limit the number of participants to a maximum of 9 for each Ayahuasca ceremony.
  • To use only the highest quality Ayahuasca, cooked exclusively with Chacruna and Huambisa and without any dangerous adjuncts.
  • To offer our guests the opportunity to ‘diet’ with one or more of the local medicinal plants or trees under the supervision of our resident Curanderos.
  • To provide grounded, empathetic counseling for all of our guests to help them better understand the process they are going through.
  • Adherence to the authentic Ayahuasca diet.
  • To use only local materials in the construction and to be as creative as possible in the design of all the structures, to ensure the entire centre blends in and complements the surrounding jungle.
  • To incorporate other healing methods into the centre such as yoga, sweat lodge, massage and deep physical cleanses such as liver flushes,  colon hydrotherapy and kidney cleanses.
  • To keep the fees as reasonable as possible whilst offering much needed support to the local communities.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding Ayahuasca and/or our Ayahuasca Retreat facilities.

More About Dreamglade

Dreamglade is a beautiful traditional healing center right in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Basin – a truly inspiring rainforest setting (and eventually self-sustaining jungle community) on 15 hectares of land just 15km outside of the bustling jungle city of Iquitos. The use of Ayahuasca and other local medicinal plants is the primary mode for the healing work, with other aspects soon to be incorporated into the center such as yoga, massage, a sweat lodge and deep physical cleanses such as liver and kidney flushes to name just a few.

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